Variety of Oils

Petroleum, DEF

Bulk pricing available
Oils, Lubricants

Oils, Lubes

Bulk pricing available
DEF, On/Off road Fuel


Bulk pricing available

Industrial Gases

Bulk Pricing Available

Bulk Pricing United

Bulk Pricing United a Midwest emerging based company with bulk "scout coach team price solutions", engaged in proper utilization participation by area driving the price down for the benefit of small to midsize businesses with co-op practices (one area at a time) 

Capable of distributing petroleum and lubricants; Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Enviro supplies. 


Target Industrial Market: Manufacturers, Underground Utility Services, Subsurface Engineering Contractors, Construction, Excavation,  Recycling plants but not limited to.

Wilma Williams - Chief Procurement Officer

"as a former Municipal Buyer, US Naval Reservist "COMPHIBGRU St Louis, JTRU Scott Air Force Base" Office Admin and FEMA Contractor Regions VII"

Ready to support Hero’s USA

In honor of my father Sgt Gerald O. Rue,  US Army, Corp of Engineer, FEMA "retired"