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Variety of Oils

Petroleum 5w-10w-15w-20W

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Industrial Gases

Bulk Pricing Available

Bulk Pricing United

Bulk Pricing United a Midwest emerging based company with bulk "private price solutions", engaged in proper utilization participation drives price down for the benefit of small to midsize businesses with co-op practices (one area at a time) 

Capable of distributing petroleum and lubricants; Medical - Industrial Gas (LPG), Enviro supplies. 


TagMarkets: Industrial, Medical, Municipalities, Underground Utility Services, Prime Contractors, but not limited to.

Petroleum Oils and Lubricants

Wilma Williams - Chief Procurement Officer

"as a former Municipal Buyer, US Naval Reservist "COMPHIBGRU St Louis, JTRU Scott Air Force Base" Office Admin and FEMA Contractor Regions VII"

Ready to support Hero’s USA https://www.hireheroesusa.org/

In honor of my father Sgt Gerald O. Rue,  US Army, Corp of Engineer, FEMA "retired"