($167.90 ea) 15W40 T700 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil, (4) 5 Gal

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Sinopec Tulux T700 15W-40 Classic Diesel Engine Oil

15W-40 Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil - (4) 5 Gal Pails Sinopec TULUX T700 CK-4 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil is formulated using Synthetic Technology with hydro-cracked high viscosity index base oils and Superior low SAPS additive packages. It is the new generation of DEO to meet strict new emission, long life protection performance and fuel economy and environmental standards. Suitable for use in high speed, four-stroke heavy duty low-emission diesel engines fitted with exhaust after-treatment systems designed to meet Euro V & VI exhaust emissions standards. Meets the performance requirements and OEM specifications for some of the leading engines, such as Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Man, Mercedes Benz, MTU, Renault, Scania, Volvo and more. Pack Size: (36) 5 Gallon Pail (18L Volume) [Tulux T600 is compatible with Tulux T700] By using Synthetic Technology hydrocracked base oils and the superior additive packages, Sinopec has produced the most advanced mixed fleet DEO seen in the market for over a decade. Provides extended long-term protection all engine parts including DPF and SCR device, and proven longevity of after-treatment devices designed to meet the stringent Euro V or Euro VI emissions standards. Super anti-wear properties reduce engine component wear effectively extending engine life. Excellent oil oxidation resistance and improved control of the piston deposits along with enhanced dispersant/detergent properties prevent the formation of sludge and piston deposits, keeping the engine clean and reducing energy loss due to frictional wear. The highly refined base oil and premium viscosity modifier offer outstanding shear stability and prevent viscosity loss caused by the molecular shearing common in high-speed diesel engines, extending oil life and ensuring optimum oil film thickness to provide protection on all moving engine parts. Providing high performance in both on and off-highway heavy-duty applications. Dimensions: 13x13x16